• HOORAY for another fun and exciting year to us, the MGC!

    With this term over with the current executive board members, the MGC would like to thank them for all of their hard work! The Multicultural Greek Council would also like to recognize those who won awards last night!


    Fraternity with the Highest GPA: Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc.

    Sorority with the Highest GPA: Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc.

    Fraternity with the Most Improved GPA: Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc.

    Sorority with the Most Improved GPA: Sigma Lambda Upsilon Sorority, Inc.

    Chapter with the Most Programming Events: Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc.

    Fraternity man with the Highest Semester GPA: Virag B. Patel of Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc.

    Sorority woman with the Highest Semester GPA: Jing Yuan of alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc.

    Emerging Leader: Alan Ngo of Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Inc.





    The VCU fraternity and sorority community was recognized for excellence at the recent Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV) Central Fraternal Leadership Conference in St. Louis, MO. Most notably, the Multicultural Greek Council, the governing council for the culturally based fraternities and sororities at VCU, received the AFLV Outstanding Multicultural Council Award for 2010 and 2011. This year was the the first time the overall award has ever been presented to a Multicultural Greek Council at the Central Fraternal Leadership Conference. 


    Three of the four fraternity and sorority governing councils were recognized with Individual Areas of Excellence awards which qualified them for the overall awards. The College Panhellenic Council, the governing council over the eight National Panhellenic Conference sororities at VCU, received awards of distinction in all eight categories and was named a finalist for the Sutherland Award for the Outstanding Panhellenic Council for 2009. The Multicultural Greek Council received Area Excellence Awards in all six categories, as did the National Pan-Hellenic Council.


    VCU’s four fraternity and sorority governing councils represent the 34 active fraternity and sorority chapters at the University. AFLV annually hosts this nationally recognized awards program for fraternity and sorority governing councils, and this is the third year that VCU has applied for such recognitions. VCU competes against other universities all across the nation with a similar number of fraternity and sorority chapters.


    For more information on the VCU fraternity and sorority community, please visit or contact the Office for Fraternity and Sorority Life at 804-828-4685. For more information about the AFLV awards process, please visit